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About Oakwood

Founded in 1796, Oakwood Friends School is New York State's oldest co-educational boarding and day school. It is an independent, college preparatory school serving grades 6-12. Devoted since its inception to fundamental Quaker values, Oakwood Friends School puts this belief into practice by focusing on the individual learner, and cultivating a vibrantly diverse community.

Giving to Oakwood
  • Head's Blog - April, 2017

    A longtime Oakwood neighbor greets many of us with a smile and a wave each morning during his daily dog walks through campus. Having spent decades in the Hudson Valley, he has amassed many historical photographs which he generously shares. This photo from 1914 transports us back to Coleman Farm, Oakwood’s (soon to be) new Poughkeepsie campus. A present-day faculty home, the Dining Hall Read More

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