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Founded in 1796, Oakwood Friends School is New York State's oldest co-educational boarding and day school. It is an independent, college preparatory school serving grades 5-12. Devoted since its inception to fundamental Quaker values, Oakwood Friends School puts this belief into practice by focusing on the individual learner, and cultivating a vibrantly diverse community.

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  • Transition

    I’m writing this post on one of the first really warm days of the spring. My office window is open, the trees are turning a soft, green color, and small groups of students are relaxing on the quad. (Other students are involved in a different rite of spring: sitting for Advanced Placement exams, indoors!) The signs of the change of seasons are everywhere.

    Also outside my office window is a small construction site. The interior renovation of the Main Building, completed this past September, will soon be complemented by an open porch, patio, and garden on the north side of the building, facing the quadrangle between Collins Library and the Turner Math/Science Building. When it is complete, students and faculty will be able to sit in comfortable chairs in the shade, quietly working or watching the activities on the lawn. The surrounding garden, to be planted with perennials and ornamental

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