Devoted since its inception to fundamental Quaker values, Oakwood Friends School puts this belief into practice by focusing on the individual learner and cultivating a diverse community. Oakwood Friends School encourages students and adults within the community to learn through inquiry, reflection, and silence. We have designed our curriculum to reflect the mission statement. All students take part in athletics and the arts. Our classes focus on depth over breadth, and stress the development of an individual, learned viewpoint over factual recall while using challenging, college-level texts. Our classes are intentionally small to facilitate individualized programs. We offer independent studies and a wide range of elective courses tailored to student interest.

One of the very oldest coed boarding schools in the United States of America, Oakwood Friends School has always been ahead of the trends – far earlier to embrace coeducational schooling, racial diversity and an international student body than anyone else around. From the moment students arrive on campus as prospective members of our community, they universally characterize the school as warm, friendly and embracing. Oakwood Friends School puts forth great effort to ensure that the spirit of the community passes safely from one year to the next despite being embodied by different people every year. We are proud of this culture and work hard to sustain it.

Our Numbers
Average Class Size
Countries Represented
Graduating Seniors College Attendance
Year Founded 1796
Student Body Total: 153 students
Boarding: 82
Day: 71
Average Class Size 12
Student:Faculty Ratio 8:1
AP Courses 8
Special Programs Academic Support Center
Global Affairs Certificate
Independent Studies
Faculty/Administrators 53
Average Faculty Tenure 15 Years
Residential Faculty 27
Accreditation NAIS, NYSAIS
Interscholastic Team Sports 8

Middle School

The Middle School offers a rich, vibrant program providing challenging academics in a supportive and friendly school environment for grades 6 through 8. Oakwood’s Middle School program emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning in small, student-centered classrooms.

Upper School

Oakwood's Upper School serves students in grades 9 through 12. Our course offerings are designed to teach students to think critically, to analyze and evaluate information carefully, and to be open to understanding new ideas. Within this setting, Oakwood students prepare for successful college careers.
Oakwood Friends School, guided by Quaker principles, educates and strengthens young people for lives of conscience, compassion and accomplishment. Students experience a challenging curriculum within a diverse community, dedicated to nurturing the spirit, the scholar, the artist and the athlete in each person.
  • Main Athletic Field
    The Main Athletic Field is where Oakwood Friends School athletes practice and play visiting teams: Soccer in the fall, and Baseball and Ultimate in the spring. Softball, Tennis and Cross Country also practice and compete on campus, including hosting the annual Oakwood Friends Cross Country Invitational.
  • Lane Theater
    Lane Theater, in one of the historic older buildings on campus, is home to the Theater and Music departments. Student theatrical and musical productions are performed here. Lane contains practice rooms for music downstairs.
  • Connor Gymnasium
    Connor Gymnasium is home to the school’s Basketball and Volleyball teams, along with the Athletics Department office. The weight room, locker rooms, and the gym are enjoyed for social and recreational use as well.
  • Collins Library
    In addition to the school’s book collection, the Collins Library has Humanities Department classrooms, student art exhibitions, and the computer lab. Outside programs like summer camps and SAT-prep classes, also make use of the library.
  • Main Building
    The Main Building holds the Academic office, Admissions, and the office of the Head of School. Main Building also now boasts a newly renovated suite of Art classrooms. The mailroom also contains the school bookstore. The Meeting Room sustains our generations-long tradition of faculty and students gathering for morning Collection and silent Meeting for Worship.
  • Turner Science Building
    Turner is one of the newer buildings on campus. Math, science and lab classes meet here. Also in this building, Scheer Meeting Room and its distinctive octagonal layout, is used for a variety of meetings for faculty, students, parents and alumni.
  • Middle School
    Crowley and Stokes, which make up the Middle School, contain 6 classrooms and workspaces along with faculty offices. The Middle School, starting at Grade 6, features a small faculty-to-student ratio, and it leads naturally into the Upper School at the end of Grade 8.
  • Dining Hall
    The Oakwood Friends School community gathers for meals and snacks in the Dining Hall. Boarders share three meals a day here. During school days, students can stop by for hot chocolate or tea and a toasted bagel throughout the day.
  • Craig Dorm
    Craig Dorm houses some 40 international and domestic boarders, located close to the Dining Hall. Craig enjoys two lounges, a large-screen video monitor, and a full kitchen. The laundry room—and a pool table—are in the basement.
  • Hill Dorms
    The Hill Dorms, Reagan, Newlin and Taylor, house international and domestic girl boarders, with lounges used for co-ed socializing. These dorms enjoy proximity to Connor Gymnasium and Collins Library.

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