Chris Ishimwe ’18 has been selected by the school community to serve as student clerk for 2017-2018. In a first for Oakwood, Chris is following in the leadership footsteps of his older brother, Parfait Bizimana, who served as student clerk in 2015-2016.

Chris is an international student from Kigali, Rwanda, and Oakwood is his home away from home. In addition to his rigorous academic schedule, he is fully immersed in the life of the school. From his first days on campus, he felt glad to be part of a friendly community where everyone knows everyone else, and he quickly took on leadership roles: co-clerk of the sophomore class, captain of the boys’ cross-country team, service on the judicial committee, proctor in the dorm, and student ambassador for the admissions office.

In his application to serve as clerk, Chris described his expectations: The student clerk is a leader in the school and a good ambassador outside of it. I believe that the clerk is the voice of the student body and a bridge through which students can communicate with faculty. The clerk has the responsibility to lead daily and weekly school events such as collection and community meeting. The clerk should be kind, affable, and respectful to everyone in the community, whether young or old. The clerk sets the mood for the day at Collection, and represents the school in a positive light off campus. Chris feels comfortable interacting with his classmates, faculty and guests. He’s a thoughtful listener and values the opinions of others.

I am very eager for the upcoming school year and excited about my new role as clerk. I will get the opportunity to express my gratitude toward the Oakwood community through this role. I am sure we will work to make the 2017-2018 academic year a great one. I wish success to everyone whether it be in the classroom, on the fields, on the courts, or in any of our individual pursuits. Thank you!

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