The End of an Era

Posted by: Julie Okoniewski on Friday, June 26, 2020 at 12:00:00 am

While Oakwood Friends School has witnessed many changes over the last decades, there remains several constants. Along with mission and culture and sense of community, two other constants have greeted us every year since 1984 - Bill and Nancy Doolittle. For 36 years Bill and Nancy have engaged in virtually every aspect of the Oakwood community. This July they will begin a new chapter as they retire and move to Maine, close to their children and grandchildren.

Bill and Nancy have nurtured thousands of students intellectually, emotionally, and socially. They have served as teachers, coaches, mentors, dorm parents and shoulders to cry on. Now grandparents four times over, they raised their own children in Craig Dorm and shared countless meals with students and colleagues in the dining hall. On Saturday nights, their living room would transform into a welcoming refuge for boarders seeking a home-cooked meal and family warmth.

I am privileged and humbled to have worked alongside Bill and Nancy. I am forever grateful for Bill’s quiet guidance in the math and science department during my first years as a new teacher. And I cherish my many conversations with Nancy regarding the triumphs and challenges, hills and valleys we navigate in service to our students and our community. Thank you, Bill and Nancy, for your generosity of spirit and dedicated service to Oakwood Friends School.

As a community we are sad to see you leave Oakwood. At the same time we share in the excitement and joy of your retirement. You have called Oakwood your home for over three and a half decades and have made a lasting impression on the community. You will always have a home here, and I know we will see you back to celebrate with colleagues and students many times in the years to come. We remain eternally grateful for your perspective, your care, and your love of the Oakwood community. Thank you, Bill and Nancy!

With love and respect,

Chad Cianfrani

Head of School