Lighting the Way

The Continuing Campaign for Oakwood Friends School

 Building on Oakwood's Strengths

Building on Oakwood’s Strengths

Since 1796, Oakwood Friends School, founded on fundamental Quaker principles, has passionately focused on the individual learner and cultivation of a vibrantly diverse community. An integral component of an Oakwood education has been a continuous, strong commitment to the arts and sciences; our Lighting the Way initiative has been created to maintain, nurture and grow this essential commitment.

 Thank you

Thank You! 

Through the extreme generosity of you, our donors, we have already made great strides in providing outstanding facilities, where Oakwood’s students enthusiastically and inclusively create knowledge, joy and beauty, whether it be via painting, ceramics, photography, music or theater. Our Lighting the Way initiative has already resulted in enormous progress, visibly enriching the daily experience of students at Oakwood.

 The Opening Act

The Opening Act

Developments already achieved with the generous support we have received thus far include:

  • In the new music studios above the renovated entry to the A.H. Lane Auditorium: development, creation and performance of compelling music.
  • In the newly-renovated ceramics and art studio spaces: vibrant intersections of math, technology and art with coding, CAD design and 3D printing
  • As part of the Main Building renovation: new dance studio, visual arts and design space

Most Recent Additions

  • Exposure of the original trussed beam work and the addition of roof and ceiling insulation
  • Installation of eight energy efficient windows retaining the light and beauty of the theater space

View Photo Albums - continuously added as work progresses:

Lane Theater Beams   Lane Theater Historical   Lane Theatre Progress Updates
Lane Theater Beams   Lane Theater Windows    Progress Updates

Lane Auditorium

Lighting the Way Forward

With the continued help of you, our donors, Oakwood will now take this initiative to an exciting new level! Much needed upgrades to this facility will include new seating, enhancements to the lighting and sound systems and booths, a new scene shop and set-design work-space and improvements to the stage, classrooms and practice spaces. In keeping with our green campus initiative, a new, energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will make the theater usable year-round. 


The 100-Year History of Lane Auditorium

As we celebrate 224 years of Friends Education and 100 years on this Poughkeepsie campus, Lane Auditorium has served as the spiritual and communal center of campus. Built in 1920, Lane has served as a gym, a theater, a Saturday evening dance hall and skating rink, and a Silent Meeting worship space. As exciting renovations begin, we honor the history of this beautiful space and look ahead to another 100 years at the center of our Oakwood community. Over the years, it has featured appearances by a diverse array of cultural figures, including Pete Seeger, Ralph Bunche, poet laureate Mark Strand, Bonnie Raitt and Juan Williams.

View Lane Theater Historical Photos:

Lane Theater Historical