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Administration and Administrative Services

Chad  Cianfrani
Head of School
Anna Bertucci
Associate Head; Head of the Upper School
Ricci Alma-Bueno
Middle School Head
Allison Berger
CFO, Business Manager
Denise Gralton
Assistant Business Manager
Akilah Spencer
Academic Programming Assistant
Simon Culley
Athletic Director, Math Teacher


Anita Jones
Admissions Associate
Nicolas Ugarte
Director of Admissions
Grace Obee
Admissions Associate

Alumni and Development

Elaine Miles
Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
Wendy Giangrasso
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
Julie Okoniewski
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Deans Office and Community Outreach

Sue Cianfrani
Community Outreach Coordinator
Sara Sandstrom
Dean of Students and Programs

Academic Support Center

Tim  Stanson
Upper School Academic Support Center
Jonathan Bisson
Academic Support Center/English Teacher
Caitlin Welch
Academic Support Center Coordinator


Karen  Nichols
Upper School Humanities Teacher
Jacob  Gamage
Middle and Upper School English Teacher
Asmaa Ktib
French Teacher
Jesse Doherty-Vinicor
Upper School English Teacher
Stephen  Kekoa Miller
Humanities Department Chair; History and Philosophy Teacher
Jon Pesner
History Teacher; English Teacher
Molly O'Donnell
Spanish Teacher
Clara Crosby
Spanish Teacher
Emily Woolever
Middle School Coordinator; Middle School History Teacher

International Student Support

Julie Zhang
International Student Program Advisor; Mandarin Teacher

Math and Science

Amelia Goldstein
Upper School Life Science Teacher
Robin  Edelstein
Mathematics Teacher
Peter Laves
Math Teacher
Sean Thompson
Science Teacher


Erin  Koch
Middle School Art Teacher
Sasha  Bush
Photography Teacher
Department Chair, Music/Art/Theater, Music Teacher
Elizabeth Meyer
Art Teacher
Melissa Matthews
Drama Teacher

College Counseling

Haniya  Mee
Director of College Counseling

Health and Wellness

Jodi Culley
School Counselor
Debbie Wilsey
School Nurse

Middle School

Adrienne  Craig-Williams
Middle School Teacher
Meghan Bishop
5th Grade Teacher
Saddan  Alma-Bueno
Middle School Physical Education Teacher
Matthew  Woolever
Middle School Science Teacher
Caroline  Fenner
6th and 7th Grade English Teacher