Armand Murayire, Class of 2016

Model UN Student Leader

Published Monday, November 13, 2017

Armand Murayire, Class of 2016How long have you been involved in Model UN and what made you join?
I have been involved with Model UN since my junior year. The reason I joined was because I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone.

What is most challenging about planning and attending the conference?
Making sure everyone on the team had a visa, myself included, was challenging because it is pretty difficult for international students, like myself, to get a Canadian visa. But, it was an amazing learning experience. As far as the conference goes, it is sometimes difficult to get your points and options out because there are so many other students with insightful thoughts of their own. But you learn a lot by listening.

What’s most rewarding about the experience?
For me, I think it was the experience of traveling to a country I have never been. Montreal is a really cool city and this trip opened my eyes to new people, cultures, and food. I tried a bunch of food.