Art Teacher Elizabeth Phelps Meyer Presents "Each Day, Water: A Monument for Water Protectors" at Poughkeepsie's Art Centro Gallery

Published Friday, September 21, 2018

My name is Elizabeth Phelps Meyer. I am an interdisciplinary artist and art educator who lives and works in Poughkeepsie, NY. I work in ceramic installation, sculpture, and experimental animation, and also with interactive projects that explore community.

This project, Each Day, Water has been my heart's response to three interwoven crises: the water crisis of industrial pollution and waste from fossil-fuel extraction practices and pipelines; climate change due to global fossil fuel economies; and the persistent, ongoing forms of violence that indigenous people face. This project aims to celebrate indigenous resistance to these forms of violence; the indigenous sovereignty and leadership so necessary for restoring balance in this world; and to foster constructive ally-consciousness among non-native people. 

Community events, offered for free or with a modest suggested donation, will take place at the gallery during the exhibition. These events will include:

*A slide lecture called "River People" by acclaimed historian, author, poet, musician and professor Evan Pritchard. Evan will present a slide show and talk about the river people (Munsee Delaware, Wappingers, Tappan, Mohican) of the mid-Hudson Valley

*Concert of traditional songs by Kontiwennahawi: the Mohawk Women Singers of Akwesasne

*Storytelling and song with Joan Henry, Earthsinger

* A Roundtable Discussion on Decolonization, with indigenous scholars, art historian, artist/s, educators, and activists: Molly McGlennan (moderator), Crystal Migwans, Joan Henry, Two Clouds, Jennifer Weston, and others TBC

*Screenings of documentaries: Black Snake Killaz and Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock, with guests TBD

* A closing ceremony and 1-mile walk from the gallery to the river with Standing Rock Water Protector Chas Jewett, who has been long-practicing traditional water ceremonies with Ojibwe elder Sharon Day, leader of Nibi Walks