Assistant Professor of Philosophy John Torrey Presents on Critical Race Theory

Published Tuesday, November 23, 2021

John Torrey, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and a contributing professor in the Africana Studies unit at SUNY Buffalo State College recently presented at Community Meeting about critical race theory. John holds a BA in Philosophy and Spanish from Morehouse College (2009) and an MA and Ph. D in Philosophy from the University of Memphis (2019).

His research interests are in the intersection of social and political philosophy and African-American philosophy, applied ethics, precollege philosophy and philosophy of education. He has published on the theoretical underpinnings of Black Lives Matter, on doing precollege philosophy, was featured on The UnMute Podcast in 2020 and has a forthcoming article in Precollege Philosophy and Public Policy on changing the arguments about reparations for Black Americans. He also has developed precollege philosophy programs since 2010, including the July 2019 Buffalo State Lyceum and currently serves on the board of PLATO Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization.  

John posed three questions to our community – what exactly is critical race theory in terms of education? Are people teaching it widely across the country? And if they do, how does a critical race theory context change how we teach? Using the topic of reparations for Black Americans as an example, he led us in a discussion of how the nature and content of education changes based on what lens we use to frame historical matters.