OPA Branches

Oakwood Friends School Parents Association (OPA)

Branches will allow smaller groups to identify and accomplish goals related to specific areas of participation.  Branch leaders will serve on the Leadership Council, and give status reports at monthly OPA meetings.

Staff Appreciation BranchFamilies show appreciation and support the staff at Oakwood through coordinated, pre-planned events. Current initiatives include: Gratitude Goodies (scheduled snack drop-off on a designated day each month) and Staff Appreciation Week (a week of treats in late May). Volunteers are needed to bake, donate baked goods, set up/clean up, etc. 

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Amy Cook 


Parent Partnership Branch:  A coordinated annual effort welcoming new parents to our school community. New parents are partnered with returning parents in small groups called ROOTs, which then plan gatherings in person and virtually to foster a supportive transition.  Parent Leaders are returning parents who guide ROOTs groups during meetings, share knowledge of personal experiences, and facilitate support within our community. 

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Mary Redmond 

Communication Branch:  Focused and timely outreach to the parent body via email, updates, and reminders/announcements.  Volunteers will work closely with the administration and faculty to communicate accurate calendar events, gatherings and meetings to the parent body.  

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Amy Solis


Social Branch: Dedicated to fostering opportunities for connection among Oakwood’s families via social events in person or virtually.  Social opportunities will be planned and hosted on a regular basis to promote friendly and engaging connections within the parent body. 

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Amy Solis


Middle School Branch: Serving as Ambassadors, reaching out to other MS parents about Parent Dinners, Breakfast with the Head, etc., and supporting the Middle School with community building activities and events. 

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Karen George and Sarah Daubman 



Theater: Working with the theater department to help facilitate visiting artists and guest lecturers in order to enrich the theater experience for students.

Contact: opa@oakwoodfriends.org  Attn: Alysa Wishingrad



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