Quaker Process

Oakwood Friends School Parents Association (OPA)

 calls upon community members to:

  • Begin with centering worship.
  • Listen to all messages with openness, receive them in worship, and allow for silence between them.
  • Respond to the heart of the message, not to the messenger.
  • Wait for recognition from the clerk before speaking.
  • Speak, as standard practice, to the clerk, not to individual Friends.
  • Speak only once to a given issue unless it is clear that more is appropriate; allow all present to speak before seeking to speak a second time.
  • Avoid interrupting or engaging in asides or side conversations (maintaining one's center).
  • Seek God's guidance before speaking.
  • Avoid inappropriate emotional attachment to one's own opinion.
  • Consider introducing potentially contentious ideas and expressing deep convictions by means of queries rather than statements.
  • Call for silence (anyone can do this) to re-center in a spirit of worship.
  • Defer a decision if there is not clarity.
  • When personally disagreeing with the sense of the meeting, either stand aside (accept the meeting's decision while expressing disagreement with it) or stand in the way (gently insist that the meeting consider your concern before acting).
  • Learn to trust the Quaker process to work and leave the outcome to the “Spirit.”

Information taken from: https://www.nyym.org/content/quaker-practice


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