Academic Support and Learning Differences

The Academic Support Center (ASC) strives to meet the academic and social needs of students who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate learning differences, Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) and/or Autistic Spectrum disorders. Full-time faculty, specializing in LD education staff the academic support center. In addition to working directly with students, ASC staff supports classroom teachers by providing verbal and written analyses of each diagnosed student’s learning profile and provides space, time and oversight for recommended student accommodations. Ongoing communication between the ASC teacher and classroom teachers facilitates each student’s success.

Students enrolled in the program share the same rich academic experience and fulfill the same graduation requirements as their peers. Ultimately, the goal of the ASC is to advance students into self-advocating, self-directed, and independent learners who implement the skills and strategies taught without guidance or prompting.   

The Academic Support Center offers two student-centered programs, Focused Instruction and Learning Skills, at the Middle and Upper School levels. The support class is woven into the student’s academic schedule and typically takes the place of a daily study hall.  Boarding students also benefit from evening ASC study halls with academic support specialists.

Focused Instruction

Academic Support Center

Focused Instruction is available to students who need assistance managing their time, maintaining organization, and planning and completing academic tasks. The teacher offers guidance in using a plan book and calendar for short and long-term planning. In addition, the teacher ensures that the student understands the parameters of an assignment and that the student has a plan for work completion. The maximum enrollment in each section of the class is five students. Focused Instruction is a pass/fail class offered on a term-by-term basis.

Learning Skills

Learning Skills at Oakwood Friends

The more prescriptive Learning Skills program is available, in general, only to students with documented learning differences, ADHD or other neurological impairments, as evidenced through psychological-educational testing. Learning Skills teachers employ a variety of strategies tailored to students’ diverse learning styles and needs. In addition to assistance with time management and organization, specific skills and compensatory strategies are taught and practiced through the student’s content area work. Learning Skills is generally a 1:2 class, but 1:1 classes are sometimes available. Learning Skills is a pass/fail, full-year class.