Arts at Oakwood

Oakwood has an extremely rich arts program that inspires the creativity of every student. From photography and digital 3D design to music composition and theater production, Oakwood students choose from a wide array of artistic disciplines and courses. The arts program offers newcomers to the arts as well as those dedicated to pursuing a career in the field the opportunity to explore their artistic voices in a nurturing and challenging environment. Students also have the chance to pursue private lessons and advanced course work and independent studies in the arts.  

Visual Arts

Oakwood Ceramics StudioStudents have many mediums to choose from through the school’s Visual Arts Program. In the main arts classroom and around our beautiful 55 acre campus students take part in courses including sculpture, drawing, painting and portfolio preparation. Our state of the art ceramics studio provides both beginner and advanced student artists the opportunity to explore hand-building and throwing techniques while developing their glazing and firing skills. The graphic design studio offers a space to pursue courses in animation, graphic design and digital 3D design and prototyping.


Photography Program Darkroom at Oakwood Friends SchoolAs part of a well-rounded curriculum, every student participates in Oakwood's the award-winning photography program. Students have access to a complete professional photography studio, including a dedicated darkroom with 10 enlargers capable of making prints 16” x 20” and larger. Students learn the fundamentals of photography and the creative expression of this medium by using 35mm manual cameras and by hand-making photographic prints. This exposes students to the artistic critical thinking and problem solving necessary in order to excel as a photographer and a visual artist. 



Music at OakwoodThe Music Program provides students with the necessary skills to succeed as future musicians. Students may take courses exploring music theory, music history, world music, musicianship skills, music composition, performance practice, and much more. Students also have the opportunity for lessons and/or coaching on various instruments. Students are able to perform in two concerts and/or the musical each year, as well as various chamber performances. Students also work with various guest clinicians and artists in the field of music to gain more knowledge of various career paths in music.


Theater OakwoodA marriage of history, technique, performance, and tech, the Theatre Program strives to create well-rounded and well-educated students. Courses in dance, tech, acting, directing, and performance along with both introductory and in-depth studies enable Oakwood performers the opportunity to explore many aspects of themselves as artists.