Tuition & Financial Aid

Arts, Music, Sports all part of a well rounded Oakwood educationMaking a commitment to an Oakwood education is an investment in your child's future. While families have the primary responsibility for financing their child’s education to the extent they can, we are firmly committed to helping families make this possible. Oakwood has a long-standing commitment to enrolling a culturally, socially, and economically diverse student body. Financial aid is awarded on the sole basis of economic need without regard to race, religion, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation. All financial aid information is confidential and an applicant's financial need does not affect admission eligibility. Many families meet tuition expenses through a combination of out-of-pocket tuition payments, financial aid grants, and loans. Different strategies may be appropriate for different families, and our financial aid committee is available and at the ready to help.


Tuition & Fees 2022-2023


Middle School Tuition (5-8)


Upper School Tuition (9-12)


Boarding Fees


5-Day Boarding


7-Day Boarding


International Students

International Student Fee


International Student Health Insurance


ESL Course *per class


Academic Support Center Programs

Learning Skills, per year (grades 6-12)


Focused Instruction, per year (grades 6-12)


Additional Fees

Activities Fee (all students)


Refundable Room Deposit (all boarding students)


*Additional fees include books & class trips.


Financial Aid Process

In order to determine a family’s financial need, Oakwood utilizes an independent agency called the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS), which is operated through the National Association of Independent Schools. SSS provides an objective methodology for calculating a family’s contribution towards educational expenses. All final decisions regarding financial aid are made by Oakwood’s own Financial Aid Committee.

Because financial aid funds are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, it is to your advantage to complete the financial aid application by January 15th.

To apply for financial aid:

  1. Log on to and complete the Parents’ Financial Statement. Submission by January 15th, is strongly advised.
  2. Upload your most recently filed W-2s and 1040s to your SSS account.  A signed 4506-T form should be uploaded as well.  Note: If your current year taxes are not yet available, please use your taxes and W-2 from the previous year. 

*Please do not submit any financial documents to the school. Our SSS school code is 5518.


Need help completing your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)?

Please note that the SSS website provides comprehensive information in the form of webinars, guides, and workbooks to assist you through the application process. Get all the help you need to ensure your financial aid application is complete here:

Tuition & Financial FAQs

How to Apply for Financial Aid