Student Life

oakwood student enjoys blowing bubblesFor a student attending Oakwood, life is much more than our focus on academics. We encourage students to be lifelong learners and global citizens. Oakwood provides rich opportunities for clubs, athletics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, service, social activism, spirituality, and bonding in our community. We start each academic day with collection, gathering together every student and faculty member, to wish each other a good morning and share important announcements in person. This is one of many ways Oakwood emphasizes the building of a community and sense of belongingness among our students and staff. It’s also simply a nice way to start your morning.

At Oakwood Friends School, students are encouraged to balance their academic studies with social activities in order to become well-rounded individuals. Our intention is by doing so students will oakwood students on top of the mountainenrich their development of social skills, self-esteem, and respect for their peers, classmates, and others in the community.

Oakwood Friends School provides many opportunities for day and boarding students to lead successful, impressive, and well-rounded lives. It’s no wonder our students get into great colleges. Students have a multiple of options in extracurricular activities, including a wide variety of athletics and clubs.