Going Green

Link to Real-time Solar Generation

Sustainable Agriculture

Green House at Oakwood Friends SchoolOakwood Friends School’s four-season greenhouse serves more than just as a place to pick fresh carrots during the February freeze. Located steps from the middle school and upper school science buildings, this space serves as an outdoor living classroom multiple times a week. A focal point of Oakwood’s sustainable agriculture program, students learn about amending soil, composting (over 2000 pounds from their dining hall last year) and sustainable farming practices. Through passive solar heat, the 1200 square-foot greenhouse never drops below 55 degrees allowing the students to grow, learn and eat during the entirety of the academic year.

Solar Array

Oakwood Friends School Greenhouse outside
solar panel installation
Solar panels
Oakwood Friends School Solar array

As part of a multi-year focus on sustainability and stewardship in action, this project does more than provide clean, renewable energy.

The Oakwood array provides a focal point for countless educational opportunities within our Middle School, Upper School and local community. A secured and gated entrance to the array will serve as a backdrop for outdoor classroom space and neighborhood outreach programs.  Plans are in the works to provide a web-based interface in which the entire community can log in and monitor electrical generation in real-time.

Array Facts and Size:

Offset 100% of the 50 acre, 22 building Oakwood Friends School campus

2,275 panels

2 acre array

720,000 kWhrs Annual Production

Over 1.1 gWhrs produced to date  (include link)

Estimated Offsets:

60 cars taken off the road

80 homes powered for a year

50,000 gallons of gas burned

475 tons of Carbon Annually